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HikariLan A student with many years of experience in Java. Understand multiple programming languages such as Kotlin, Go, Rust, and JavaScript. Have experience in participating and contributing to multiple open source communities, and have excellent learning and team communication skills.
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Xi'an University of Finance and Economics 2021.9 - 2025.6
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Baidu 2024.4 - Present
QA Intern
  • Participate in the quality assurance task of the government LLM system, participate in project requirements review, write complete test cases and conduct testing.
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NIO 2024.2 - 2024.4
QA Intern
  • Participate in the quality assurance tasks of the marketing system, participate in project requirements review, write complete test cases and conduct testing.
  • Read the source code of project, find and submit potential defects and loopholes, and assist the R&D team in solving project BUG.
  • Participate in pre-launch api joint debugging and stress testing of the system for the company's new brands, analyze interface performance bottlenecks and give improvement suggestions.
  • Participate in the development of automated api testing framework and improve the testing scenarios.
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Chongqing Yuanfeng Story Network Technology Co., Ltd. 2021.11 - 2022.4
RD Intern
  • Developed a interactive English learning game based on Minecraft: Java Edition cooperated with Microsoft Research Asia (MSRA). The project has been exhibited at the 2021 World Artificial Intelligence Conference.
  • Developed the "Taobao City" Lunar New Year’s Eve Fireworks Show Mini Game in Minecraft: Java Edition for Taobao China. Also participated in the development of automatic scaling services for game server instances on Kubernetes.
  • Participated in the development of the Minecraft: Java Edition server game project "NightmareAbyss", and led the team to complete multiple technical refactors to improve code maintainability and greatly improve performance.
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Aerial Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing Group Co., Ltd. 2023.7 - 2023.8
RD Intern
  • Responsible for the development of frontend and backend related to the "Tongguan Bus" electronic bus sign project; establishing production/development environment configuration isolation, using Vue + TypeScript for frontend page development, and using WebSocket and HTTP polling technology to obtain upstream data.
NeraBBS A simple web discussion platform built with Spring Cloud.
2023.7.23 - Present
  • Added authentication middleware to the microservice gateway through the Spring Webflux to ensure a decouple to Sa-Token and implement non-sensitive authentication to downstream microservices.
  • Implemented passwordless and passkey login in brower based on the Webauthn API.
  • Establish a global exception handling system, and use AoP to cut into the business code to separate template code and business code.
  • Use Redis for data caching, gRPC for microservice data transmission, Consul for service discovery, and MinIO for object storage.
"Toktik" ChatGPT integrated short video microservice application built with Kitex and Hertz.
2023.2.4 - 2023.2.24
  • Support for in-app ChatGPT conversations.
  • The entire backend uses goroutine to call microservice interfaces, which improves IO efficiency by up to 40% and reduces call time by up to 200%.
  • Establish a good observability system through the opentelemetry framework, accurately identify project performance bottlenecks for targeted interface optimization.
  • Establish a complete unit test and E2E testing system through testify and sqlmock to ensure that the interface runs normally as expected.
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Microsoft Learn Student Ambassadors (MLSA) 2023.10 - Persent
  • Languages: Java, Kotlin (Advanced); Go, JavaScript, TypeScript,Rust PHP, C (Familier)
  • Frameworks: Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, Vue, Nuxt, Tailwind CSS
  • Databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis
  • Clouds: Alibaba Cloud, Tencent Cloud, DigitalOcean, Azure
  • Toolchains: okhttp, gRPC, Git, Windows